Promotions and Events:
Current: none
Up and Coming: win a free hard copy of “the Widow,” scheduled date changed to beginning of March due to printing lead-time.

Current Novel Stats:
Title: Arising From a Momentary Impulse
Genre: Modern Fiction, Women’s Lit, Chick Lit
Pinterest Teaser Board
Current Phase: writing first draft
Word Goal: 120,000
Current Word Count: 7120
Last Updated: 04.12.2015

Lightening Updates:
Copies arrived. Hooray.
Still waiting on printed book copies. I received the email saying it is shipped, but not a page is in sight.
Had a computer set back which made it impossible to start writing. Computer is fixed and the novel should begin in earnest tonight. Still waiting on delivery of the printed copy of “the Widow.” Once it arrives the give-away can begin.
Everything is completed on “The Widow.” I will be ordering a copy this week so I can host a giveaway. Research continues on “Arising From a Momentary Impulse.” I have established my main character’s name, quirks, personality basics, and why her story is important. The secondary characterizations are in progress, and I am really happy with how they are turning out. I was hoping to begin writing by 1 March, and it looks like I will be hitting that date or be darn close to it.
Finally sent off the cover art for “The Widow.” The softback version should be available for sale within a week or so. I also modified all three novels to conform to Amazon standards so that they will be eligible for the library sharing option on Kindle and be eligible for a discount to Prime members. Currently, if you buy the physical novel you also get the Kindle version for free.