5 Tools Everyone In The Electric Smoker Industry Should Be Using

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance Tools:

 It is important to take proper care of an electric smoker. Better and advanced the technology is, more will be its maintenance. The most basic cleaning tool of an electric smoker is a brush. This is something that the user must keep handy for its cleaning purpose.The other maintenance tools such as specific liquids vary from product to product and model to model. It’s crucial that one uses a liquid that is specifically made for a particular smoker’s cleaner. The reason why it is so important is, is that a little negligence might cost the customer a huge amount.


  1. Tools and BBQ Utensils:

The next must have tool is obvious. These should be the tools that would facilitate in the smoking of food. BBQ utensils are one of the essentials. These include utensils such as Stainless steel meet claws, mighty spatula, grilling forks, tongs, basting brush. They say, the more, the better. We’d also say that the finer a tool like saying a fork is, the better would it be. This works for everyone who’d like to win the ‘Best presentation of the dish’ award by their guests. 😀 

  1. Charcoal and Smoker Accessories:

For an electric smoker industrialist or user, it is important to know how to use the advancements. Wood chunks and wood chips are necessary for an electric smoker such as Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker. Now, there is a variety to choose from. These include; Whiskey wood chunks, apple wood chunks, cherry wood chunks to name a few. A charcoal chimney, charcoal manager, charcoal starter and hot blocks ceramic radiants are important too. Even though we keep repeating how technology has changed a lot of things, but some electric smokers require a specific ‘type’ of charcoal. The one thing the user should be careful about is the compatibility of the charcoal and the other smoking accessories.

  1. Cookware and Rotisseries:

It would be a cherry on the top to have a variety of utensils that have a rotating spit for roasting and barbecuing meat. For this, we have utensils like Grill infusion cooker, pizza pan, roaster basket, grilling planks, rotisserie adaptor to name a few. Porcelain topper and pan are important to have, too.


  1. Other Grilling Accessories:

To sum up, we have a list of some other accessories that would only do you good.

  • Grill covers top the list since they will always protect your griller/smoker/barbecue from a maximum number of physical damages.
  • Clean out tools will help keep the machine tidy and in place.
  • A cooler bag to keep the veggies and meat fresh are good to go!
  • Emergency plugs and switches.
  • Hand gloves for safety purpose.

Most importantly, apart from these regular tools and accessories, first aid is a must. Come what may, one must be prepared for a quick first aid in the time of a mishap.

Five protein alternatives for vegans that are just as nutritious

Say Hello to Plants!

Human beings since day one have been taking up proteins in some or the other form to keep themselves growing, just for a simple reason that it’s very important for our brain function and workouts. Rather they are called THE BUILDING BLOCKS of our lives.

Oddly enough people in our country have had a stereotype in their minds that we get the majority of our proteins from animals only.

Regardless of different opinions, even most of the environmental, health and humanitarian problems are because of the increasing consumption of meat and animal products. Also, they are high in cholesterol and saturated fats which are not so good for humans body.


Thus by putting all the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together, we need to look for some alternatives, especially for the vegans.

The sad truth is that people are still stuck up on the idea of their dinner plate being filled with meat; of all kinds and then a bit of vegetable and might be some rice. So according to me, an easy way is to leave the thought of how our plates look like and focus more on healthy vegetarian dishes.

Well, there are a plenty of sources of plant-based protein meals which can be eaten. So here we are with some of the best options ones can go for –

  1. Tofu: As far as the name is concerned it may appear a boring one, however, its main attraction is that it can be flavored in any way you want it to and helps in adding rich, chewy and creamy texture to your food and is highly rich in proteins.
  2. Black Beans: These are one of the richest sources of proteins and antioxidants and the most healthiest beans of all. One of an easy way to enjoy them is to make black bean burritos, but they can also be used in salads or made a vegetable off.
  3. Oatmeal: Oatmeal contain magnesium, calcium and vitamin B apart from having three times proteins more than brown rice along with more fiber and less starch. It is one of the best protein based breakfast to take.
  4. Vegetables: Especially spinach, black-eyed peas, broccoli, and asparagus. All these names may appear boring, but they contain a high amount of proteins and are even rich in many other nutrients. All of these can either be used as vegetables for cooking a dish or even in salads.
  5. Soya bean and soya products: There are so many easy ways to eat soya beans. It works as an amazing alternative food for the vegetarians as it can be easily substituted in place of daily meals of fish, meat, cheese, etc. protien-2

These are just five simple and easily available protein alternative which is quite nutritious and healthy as well. Since protein is the oil to the human machinery, you all have to decide now whether to let your machine have rust or lubricate your machinery make it function well.