7 healthy alternatives to McDonald’s

The word ‘fast’ is no more associated to the word ‘unhealthy’. Rather it’s regarded as an intelligent decision especially for the ones who don’t have much time to work out in kitchens or the ones who are busy in their eat race. There would be no person who once would have not taken up food from these fast food joints after getting from a party or a late night meeting. Practically saying , we spent quite a large number of hours in our car and so we are required to eat outside but with a condition of it being healthy. Some people are still stuck over the idea of McDonalds being the best while some are way ahead of their time and making the best of it and interestingly McDonalds is falling in the top 10 list of the people’s preferences because of the new upcoming joints which promise much more. So some of the healthy alternatives to McDonalds which everyone can equally opt for can be :

  1. Jason’s Deli : The reason of its gaining popularity is that it’s one/fifth ingredients are organic. It’s the first restaurant concept to ban the use of artificial trans fat. It’s all about Choice , People and Food. It’s one of the most exciting thing in the menu is the Selections and Choices that customers can make for making their own sandwiches and salads.
  2. Au Bon Pain : This name may seem quite weird but this is what makes it special and different. It specials in serving soups , salads , sandwiches and entrees made from hormone free chicken , veggies and whole grains. The fact that attracts people here is that before you place your order you get to see the nutritional content of each meal , which according to them is a way to empower people.
  3. Tender Greens : It’s a very famous restaurant in United States , famous for using freshly picked up vegetables from a farm in Oxford. They use ingredients that are kind to the environment. It contains all from hot things to big salads and to mouth watering pastries and desserts. And that too all of its items are under $12.
  4. Panera Bread : This restaurant has won an award for the top honors for kid fare. It makes use of home made peanut butter with organic herbs on a whole grain wheat bread making it tasty and healthy at the same time. It has removed all the artificial flavours from its list.
  5. Chipotle : A very famous joint which has won very high marks for its usage of organic , hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. People love the control and choice it provides to its people over burritos , tacos and salads. Many of its dishes are even sodium free. chiptole

How can we forget about the Juice Bars

  1. Beverly Hills Juice : it’s been working since 1975. It’s believed to have lost a big opportunity if you go to L.A. And not taste this. They make use of any vegetable be it carrot or lettuce and what they transform it into is way beyond ones thinking by just adding banana or almonds or cocoa even. So this comes out to be an altogether different thing to try on.
  2. Pressed Juicery : Juices have always been healthy and yummy at the same time . They focus on making it taste great , making it affordable , making it simple and making it for everyone.they make amazing raw food , cold pressed juices and super amazing Smoothies to go. packed

Thus what we see now is the Improved Fast Food Chains which are emphasising of ‘Fresh’ over ‘Fried’.