“Eat your vegetables” – Another reason why moms are always right

She is an epitome of perfection, speaking volumes about sincerity, honesty and integrity, this God gifted figure considers her family and near ones to be her utmost priority as she burns the midnight oil just to care for them.

She is a WOMAN.

She is a MOTHER.

We might as teenagers look upon our mothers as a force that is binding us from enjoying our lives and doubting their each and every action and even lack the perspective to see the truth in the things they told us. Children start seeing their parents as hypocritical. However, the truth lies in the fact that mothers are always right no matter what the situation is. The primary reason could be that they are far more experienced, have seen lives far more than her children and knows what’s better.


Some of the common phrases used by each and every mother are: ‘be nice to your siblings’, ‘learn to work on your own’, ‘pick your battles carefully’, ‘always stand up’, ‘never let me down’ and the list is so long.

And the most common and sometimes very irritating, humorous too is – ‘eat your vegetables’.

We should always try and listen to her for a simple reason that she will never think bad for us. She knows everything about you even if you don’t tell her.

And as far as this phrase is concerned, mothers always care for her child’s health and never wishes to take a small risk. We as children have been hearing this since the day we saw this beautiful world, since childhood and now after growing up, we do realise the importance and truth about this that vegetables should occupy the most of the part of our plates since eating vegetables reduces the risk of cancer and many other diseases. These are very good sources of vitamins and minerals. It ensures that people are likely to get fewer heart diseases, less diabetes and blood pressure problems. Also eating vegetables play a great role in weight management. Their fibre content makes us get attracted towards them. It’s like vegetables are a part of our everyday life, without them, we can’t function and so are our mothers.

Mothers for centuries have been proving their worth and their sayings as right.

Be it in the case of Lord Rama’s mother Kaushalya or any other significant mother.


However, children are stubborn when it comes to eating healthy food and especially vegetables. So mothers who can’t see her children go to bed without food try and come up with different ideas to make it more interesting to eat vegetables. She tries to add fun while eating by making food colourful or arranging it in a different manner on the plates. Well, vegetables are something which we as human beings with the intellectual power can’t resist and not even can think of avoiding it. However, today’s generation fail to see this and then regret themselves for not having listened to their mothers once, who are always right.

So, life doesn’t come with guides or manuals, it comes up with mothers.

Respect her, value her, follow and listen her and love her and never make her go down..!