Grades 1-8

grades 1-8

The eldest of my homeschool children is in kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year. Therefore, this is merely a registry of what I intend to use as main textbooks, or to identify where I am going to compile the resources on my own. Please feel free to shoot me an email at momfetti at gmail dot com if you have questions. I am usually pretty happy to help.

It is my intent to have the school year’s detailed curriculum including all major sources, weekly lesson plans, and scope and sequence completed by March 1 of the preceding year, and to post it as the years unfold. The first self-imposed deadline is March 2016 for first grade.

You can check out what we are doing the current school year, or if it is summer the school year that just finished here.

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  • “Literary Resources” mean I will be checking books out of the library and using the book as a reader and/or read-to-me book. The English series I chose has dozens of literary recommendations that match the writing program, grade level, and appeal for a modern audience. In later grades when I switch to “literature,” I will be using the recommended reading lists for this grade which will be a mix of modern and classics.
  • “SELF: xxx”  means I will be compiling the resources myself. Most likely this will be a collection of modules, lap books, packets, and the like. In some cases, I will be using mini-courses or hands-on programs at museums.
  • “NEED TEXT” means just that. I have not yet researched which text I will be using. These can “rest”  a few years while I spend the time now compiling the self-resourced subjects.