Porridge v/s Oatmeal – who wins

Isn’t sad enough to learn that even now a days people continue to use words like Oatmeal and Porridge interchangeable thinking them to be the same.

Porridge has had a North European background from the very old times and used to be mainly made with Barley and sometimes other grains were also used where as oatmeal had an old Scottish tradition and was a major and staple diet of peasants and farmers there.


Porridge is made by boiling crushed grains be it wheat, oats, barley, corn, rice or even any other meal in either milk, water or both and is served hot. When a porridge is made from oats, it is called oatmeal, and similarly, if it’s made from corn it is cornmeal. And on the other hand, oatmeal consists of crushed oats, rolled oats or cut oats.

Thus we can conclude or deduce that porridge is a broader term and oatmeal is a part and type of porridge.

Earlier oats were considered to be a meal for inferior people, nothing more than animal feed but in past few years it has

suddenly gained importance where as porridge has always been considered to be the breakfast of the rich people.

Well, it depends on one’s choice and tastes, but if asked about my opinion, I prefer Porridge over Oatmeal for a simple reason that oatmeal is just confined to use oats while porridge can use many other grains as well and can be mixed with vegetables which increase the healthiness of the dish.

Researches have proved it helps in managing hunger better and even serving of Porridge is a more filling breakfast than just a bowl of oatmeal.

Also if considered under the challenge of dieting, to reduce the temptation to eat it seems porridge to be a better option. It is a healthy dish which makes use of other grains and cereals. In the situation of a person being sick eating, porridge is preferably chosen since it’s easy to digest and at the same time is very nutritious and also helps in regulation of appetite. Since Porridge is filled with fiber, it helps in controlling diabetes, high blood pressure and helps us stay away from different diseases. People may regard porridge as old fashioned and oats as the latest trending idea but my dear friends, always remember Old is gold.


Porridge gives us the required energy since they are rich in carbohydrates.

Not only this, it also helps in muscle recovery, strong bones, and even our immune system gets improved. It acts as an agent to reduce obesity and depression by boosting energy. It is also good for pregnant women and helps in living long as Britain’s long living man – David Henderson who died at the age of 109 gave the credits of his long life to a daily bowl of porridge. Cholesterol is equally controlled since it acts as a sponge helping to absorb and eliminate cholesterol – rich bone acids and helps in keeping sugar levels stable.

Thus Porridge can be regarded as the ‘Breakfast Of Champions’ and is widely chosen over oatmeal.