Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm Calling It.

Well, it is time.

I have been struggling the past few months (years?) with trying to balance everything, do everything, and be everything. Yeah. It's not happening. I am not even treading water anymore. 

So I decided to just drop the rope. Give up. Yell "UNCLE!" 

No more blog, no more writing books, no more sewing, no more cupcakes, no more crafting, no more no more no more. I got a house to clean and pack for a move to who the hell knows where because we certainly don't have a visa yet but our contract closes soon and we have got to go regardless. I got housework. I got chores. I got 3 meals a day. I got homeschool. I got 3 kids. I got a husband. I got God. 

It is enough. If I can't find satisfaction in that well then I am just screwed.